Agency or Independent Escorts?

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The majority of the escort industry in London is run by either escort agencies or Independent London escorts. Both of these options for booking an escort in London have their advantages and disadvantages. Here you can find out what are the benefits and drawbacks of both of these options and from there you can decide which option is best for you.


If you are searching for London escorts then chances are you may have noticed that you will mostly come across London escort agencies. There are many advantages booking from an agency, for example, agencies in London tend to have impressive and extensive ranges of escorts giving you the client a fantastic selection of beautiful London escorts to choose from. Another advantage would be that agencies are a much more trustworthy option where you will not have to arrange every detail, in fact, the receptionist teams for the top London escort agencies can arrange something special for you so you can have a memorable experience with your London escort.


As mentioned earlier there are also disadvantages to booking an escort from a London escort agency which can be found here. Firstly when booking from an agency it is important to know that the rates of the girl are split between the agency and the girl so rates are often higher than independent escorts. Secondly, some escort agencies in London use programs to touch up the girl’s images and make them look more attractive to lure the client in and to increase the chances of the client making a booking. This is why it is important to book only from reliable escort agencies in London.


The advantages of booking an independent escort are that when making the booking it is a lot more direct than dealing with an agency. Instead of speaking to a receptionist you will be speaking directly to the independent escort of your choice where you both can make arrangements for your booking duration. Now that you have the independent’s phone number she will be delighted for you to make a second visit where she may put extra effort into the duration of your booking as you are a returning customer. Independent escorts tend to be cheaper than agency girls, this is because the independent escorts do not share the money with who they are working with.


The disadvantages of booking an independent London escort are that there is less trust. The Independent London escorts do not have anything to lose whereas, on the other hand, the agencies have their entire reputation at risk which they may have spent years building up. This makes Independent London escorts a slightly less reliable option, however, there are many trustworthy options to choose from at To find the greatest selections of both types of escorts in London look no further than the escort advertising platform London Punt.

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