Alex – escort in Cromwell Road

Alex London escort

I’m SO disappointed with the booking that I have just had with Alex, just to refresh your memory in case you do not know which Alex I am talking about it’s the blonde lady who lives in Cromwell Road, just across the way from Cromwell Hospital and the Sainsburys that is there.

A London escort called Alex from the famous Dior Escorts.

Alex, London Escort

Alex looks great don’t get me wrong, in fact there isn’t another lady on Dior Escorts London website that I could say looks better, in fact, you can say that she looks like a Hollywood film star and if I were given the choice, before this booking of course, between Alex and Cameron Diaz I would have picked Alex 10 out of 10 times, she is one hot lady that is for sure. You see Alex has a really nice apartment, it overlooks the main road but it is massive and it is so well decked out, I even ask her if she could come and help me pick out some furniture.

The London Escort that stole my heart

Alex has a great body and what really makes it is the fact that her boobs are beautiful, it is not very often that you would call a pair of boobs beautiful but these are and they stand out just enough. After we had sorted out the PW Alex went and got changed into a little black number.

a professional photograph taken of Alex from the famous Dior Escorts.

Dior Escorts, Alex

It was very lacey and just showed her curves off in all the right ways, it was nice also how you could see her nipples through the top. She was wearing black stockings and very high black shoes, she looked great but this is where it all started to go wrong.

a professional photograph taken of the London Escort Alex.

Dior Escorts, Alex

Alex’s Tantalising Takedown

Alex started rubbing my chest, wow, and one thing lead to another and we went into the bedroom, within one minute and I mean one minute I was done, YES, I didn’t even last a minute, which ok so we could go on from there a little bit more fun and I would be ready to go again. How wrong can one man be?

You see I wasn’t ready to go again! It just didn’t happen, it wouldn’t work! I even paid to extend my hour, hoping that I would spring back into action and nothing!!! WTF was going on with me, I was £500 lighter and I was performing as a teenager, where had it all gone wrong? So I left, Alex was a good sport but I was and still am very upset with myself.

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